Dodge Jones Youth Sports Center to open its doors January of 2020


ABILENE, Texas (KRBC)-Abilene Youth Sports Authority is in the middle of constructing an indoor sports center that will offer more opportunities to young athletes across the Key City.

Sports clubs, such as Halo Volleyball, will soon be able to host practices, games and even major tournaments, thanks to soon-to-be completed Dodge Jones Youth Sports Center. We spoke with one of Halo Volleyball’s owners, John O’Connell, who coaches his daughter Callie. Callie said she her dream is to become an Olympian.

“[Volleyball is] like my passion, and I just love doing it,” said Callie. “It’s something that I really enjoy.”

Last year, the owners of Halo Volleyball converted the gym at what was formerly Abilene ISD’s Crockett Elementary School. But, with only one court, the team struggles with overlapping practice times. And, the gym is unable to host games or tournaments.

“We definitely have the athletes in Abilene,” said John. “We just need skill development and a place to do it.”

But Brandon Osborne, executive director of Abilene Youth Sports Authority, said the facility will be the heart of youth athletic sports.

“We have a place that we can call our own, and all of the community kids can be involved, and the parents can be involved, and the coaches–local coaches can be involved, because we want everybody to be a part of this with what we’re doing here today with AYSA,” said Osborne.

Osborne said Abilene will become a destination for youth sports.

“This is the premiere place to play in for West Texas. There’s nothing like this between Fort Worth all the way to Lubbock,” said Osborne.

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