Dog blood donors saving lives of furry friends in Florida


(CNN) – An emergency animal clinic in Florida has started a blood donation drive for dogs.

Vets with the program say our four-legged friends need the service, especially this time of year.

Marty and Marshall are blood donors in a Port Richey program called Puppies with a Purpose.

During the summer, there are two major reasons why sick dogs often need blood.

“We see a lot of heat stroke victims and they need blood to help with the clotting and what not. We also see a lot of snake bites this time of year as well,” says veterinarian Sam Dunman.

So in July and August, there’s a lot of furry patients needing blood.

Veterinarian Holly Sacramone says it happens about 40 to 50 times a month.

So Holly Sacramone and Sam Dunman at Animal Emergency of Pasco are reaching out for new doggie blood donors.

The program is free, and because doggie donors have to be healthy, they also get free heartworm and flea treatment, plus a snakebite vaccine to strengthen their blood.

The whole donor process only takes a few minutes and they always get treated like heroes.

“He has never been sedated or anything like that. He jumps up here. He donates awake, and we make it a very positive experience, loving on him, kind of telling him how good he’s being, giving him lots of kisses and everything like that,” Sacramone says.

While donating is free, there is no word on what the clinic charges for a pet to receive a transfusion.

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