CLYDE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – A dog who was dumped on the side of the road in Clyde has been the object of a lot of attention, leading to a community movement to help stray animals in the city.

Venus Hollerich and her husband, Ryan found a dog dumped on the side of the road, and posted the stray to the Facebook page, Raves and Rants Of Callahan County Tx.

“I felt bad for him. We went up to him, and I was like, ‘honey, get out of the car,’” Venus recalled.

There was a large community response in the comments, and hundreds of people came together to find this dog a home.

“Everyone was texting me saying ‘I’m so invested,'” Venus continued. “Hundreds of people were trying to meet me to give me dog food, bowls, blankets, anything for him.”

The couple told KTAB/KRBC more than 20 people were willing to take in the dog, but they wanted to find the perfect home for him, and they finally did.

“As soon as [the new dog dad] walked in the house, the dog let out one bark, went up to him, licked his face, licked his hand, and was ready to go,” smiled Venus.

Seeing the community all pitch in to help this dog led Venus to create a new Facebook page – this one, with a goal to keeping the community effort going. Clyde tx pet and Animals (ALL) is dedicated to finding homes for stray animals or finding the homes of animals who may have run away. 

“[I hope] That it helps a lot of animals – a lot of animals. Not just dogs, but cats, pigs, whatever, and it helps whoever needs a home for their animal or anything,” Venus expressed her hope for this page.

Venus continued, “There’s a lot of dogs that are being dumped in Clyde – a lot. I didn’t even know how many.”

One member of this new page, Jann Brooks, said in agreeance, “We can take them to the vet or animal control and see if they are chipped, and contact their owners to be returned. If they are not chipped, then we have a place to post and see if they do belong to someone.”

Ryan told KTAB/KRBC he wants to encourage the community to be active on this page and help in any way they can, because every little bit from the community helps.

Within the first 24 hours, 200 members had already joined the group.

Venus said she feels like this was meant to happen, because she used to have an animal rescue, but left it behind when she moved to Clyde. Now, she’s able to rescue animals again in a different way.