ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – When pet owner returns home after a long trip, they expect to be greeted by their loving animals. However, for one Abilene woman, her return home was met with a heartbreaking sight — a gruesome scene and a lifeless pet, turning her homecoming into a tragic event.

23-year-old Shasta Trammell returned home from Dallas and found one of her three dogs dead in her apartment.

“Her neck snapped, her ribs are broken, her body is twisted. Like there’s no puncture wounds or bite wounds,” said Trammell.

She entrusted neighbors and friends to care for her animals as she was gone for days seeking treatment for her seizures.

“Diagnosed with a tumor on my frontal lobe. It was benign, but the pressure was causing seizures. My door was unlocked, and we’re all like family, so most of the time, my door wasn’t locked,” added Trammell.

However, when she returned to the Elmcrest apartments, she made a distressing discovery. One of her three dogs, Akai, who is less than a year old, was found lifeless. Additionally, another one of her dogs had sustained a minor injury.

“Puddles of blood continuing in the living room,” said Trammel.

At first, she checked to see if the wound was from a dog fight. After further inspection, she believes the injuries could only be caused by a person.

“That thought is even scarier because, like, I consider everybody here family, so it’s just weird to think that someone could do that to a dog. Like that’s not something that would ever cross my mind to do,” explained Trammell.

Trammell’s adoptive mom, Summer Titus, is the office manager of the Elmcrest Apartments, which she calls home. She explained why they are holding off on filing a police report.

“We didn’t think there was a lot that they could do with the situation. There have been a lot of people in and out of the house, so tainted evidence. We thought it was better to keep her and the dogs safe,” added Titus.

Trammell said she’s unsure if she will ever find out what really happened as everyone she has talked to has said they didn’t hear anything.

“It just makes me sad because she didn’t really have the chance to be a dog. I’m glad that she knew what love was, and she got to be a little goofy. I’m just really sad no one else got to see that,” explained Trammell.

Trammell plans on filing a police report once she gets some form of evidence. She explained to KTAB/KRBC that she does not believe the people she entrusted to watch her animals were involved but does think it could be someone she knows.