HAWLEY, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – A Hawley ISD employee accused of making ‘racist’ comments about an opposing team during a playoff game last week is no longer working with the district.

Hawley ISD confirmed this individual, who has only been identified as a school district employee, came forward and admitted they were responsible for the comments at the Hawley ISD vs Anthony ISD bi-district playoff game.

During the game, which was being broadcast live on social media from the stadium in Wink, the Hawley ISD employee is heard on a hot mic making the following comment about the Anthony players:

“They’re not very big. I though they’d be some pretty decent size. You know? Some chalupa-eating b*****ds, but they’re pretty small honestly.”

Once this employee came forward, they district confirmed they were no longer working with Hawley ISD, though it is unclear if they were fired or if they quit in light of the backlash.

“Our deepest apologies are extended to the communities who have been affected,” Hawley ISD says in a press release.

The City of Hawley also addressed the issue, saying these “racist comments towards the Anthony High School Players” do “not reflect who Hawley is.”

“Hawley strongly feels that this in no way represents the true values of not only the town, but the school district and stand behind the district’s prompt handling of this offensive event,” the City’s press release reveals. “Hawley also wishes to extend it’s apologies and deepest regret to Anthony, their students, Wink and it’s students, and the other students that face this type of racism.”

Hawley won the bi-district playoff game against Anthony by a score of 63-18 and will now advance to an area game against Panhandle Friday at 8:00 p.m.