BIG COUNTRY, Texas ( – Several Big Country schools have moved towards a four-day instructional week. Big Country Homepage (BCH) asked around if other schools will be doing the same.

For reference, the Big Country is comprised of 16 counties, but we’ll occasionally expand our coverage out just a bit further to include counties like Throckmorton, Comanche and alike.

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As far as school districts not considering the four-day weeks; it’s most of them. However, many schools BCH spoke with used the word ‘yet’ or ‘not at this time.’

The nays

Lists ranked alphabetically

Abilene Christian Schools
We are not moving to a four-day week for the 2022-23 school year. As with any major change, we would want to do much research and have many discussions.”
– Kay Robbins, Director of Curriculum

Abilene ISD
[Abilene ISD] does not have any plans to consider adopting a 4-day school week schedule.”
– Jordan Ziemer, Ph.D., Director of Communications

Anson ISD
[Anson ISD] has not considered the 4-day week yet.”
– Jay Baccus, Superintendent

Baird ISD
We are not at the present time, but I can’t make any predictions about the future.”
– Dr. Tim Little, Superintendent

Bangs ISD
We are not considering that option at this time,”
– Josh Martin, Ed.D., Superintendent

Cisco ISD
[Cisco ISD] is not currently considering a 4-day school week.”
Ryan Steele, Superintendent

De Leon ISD
Dr. Dana Marable, Superintendent of De Leon ISD, said her district is not considering the condensed school week at this time.

Early ISD
Superintendent Dewayne Wilkins, Ed.D., told BCH in no uncertain terms that Early ISD will not be moving to a four-day school week.

Eastland ISD
Superintendent Jeremy Williams told BCH his district has not considered the four-day school week. Williams said before the school board could think about the consideration, it would first have to survey staff, parents and other members of the community to determine whether or not it is a smart move.

Eula ISD
“The School Board and administration are always discussing ways to improve the success of our students… A four day school week right now would seem to put more of a burden on our parents rather than the gains we would make with our students and staff at this current time.”
– Tim Kelley, Superintendent

Hamlin ISD
It is not something we are considering at this time.”
– Randy Burks, Ed. D., Superintendent

Haskell ISD
At this point, we will continue to have a five day school week. There are lots of questions to be answered before we would consider that move.”
– Lonnie Hise, Superintendent

Hawley ISD
“I just haven’t felt like there is strong enough information about how this is going to impact the kids academically,” Cassidy McBrayer, Superintendent of Hawley ISD told BCH.

Highland ISD
[Highland ISD] is not moving to a 4 day school week. At this time, Highland ISD is not considering moving to a condensed school week in the future.”
– Robbie Phillips, Superintendent

Jim Ned CISD
[Jim Ned CISD] is not currently considering a 4-day week.”
– Glen Teal, Ed.D., Superintendent

Leuders-Avoca ISD
“Our district has adopted a calendar this year with 25 – 2:00 pm releases scheduled for Fridays.
The main purpose of this decision is to use it as a recruitment and retention tool to attract ‘high quality’ personnel to work with our students.”
– Bob Spikes, Superintendent

Paint Creek ISD
Paint Creek has not considered a four day week.”
– Cheryl Floyd, Ed.D., Superintendent

Premier High School
At this time PHS Abilene and all of our Premier High Schools throughout the state will not be able to take advantage of this. Due to our system and the way we run our program, we must continue to be on the 190 day schedule of 175 instructional days, 10 staff workdays and five professional development days. The minutes system will not be a viable way for us to run our school calendar at this time.”
– JP Reeves, PHS Abilene Campus Director

Santa Anna ISD
We did research on the topic last year. It saves about 5-8% on costs, but student academic losses were not worth it. It appeared as a ‘Good for adults’ plan and we elected to do what we felt was best for kids.
Todd White, Superintendent

Throckmorton ISD
No we are not. It’s not a good fit for us.”
– Dr. Michelle Cline, Superintendent

Wylie ISD
Assistant Superintendent Craig Bessent told BCH Wylie ISD has not considered the new schedule.

Zephyr ISD
We are not considering it or a condensed week.”
– Stanton Marwitz, Superintendent

The maybes

Of course, there are a couple of ‘maybes’ in the pile

Brownwood ISD
Brownwood has discussed a 4-day week, but has decided not to move forward in the immediate future. It’s something we haven’t ruled out, but now is not the time for us.”
– Dr. Joe Young, Ed.D., Superintendent

Ranger ISD
We are not for the upcoming school year, however it may be a topic of conversation in the fall and spring for next year.”
– Kevin Shipley, Superintendent

While the ‘no’ list is long, there are several Big Country districts that already do or will participate in a condensed school week in the future.

The yeas

Gorman ISD
Gorman ISD will be moving to a 4-day school week for the 2022-2023 school year… Friday will be a flex day where some students will be asked to come in for individual instruction or to fulfill HB 4545 tutorial requirements based on STAAR performance. Please note, the four day will not start until after Labor Day.”
– Via Gorman MS/HS Facebook page. Click here for the new calendar.

Merkel ISD
“The MISD Board of Trustees unanimously approved the 4-Day Instructional Week Academic Calendar last night (Thursday, July 28).”
– Joseph O’Malley, Superintendent. Via MISD ParentSquare.

Moran ISD
Yes, our board voted last spring to move to a 4 Day week this year.”
– Dr. John Denson, Superintendent

Winters ISD
The Winters ISD school board voted in May, approving a four-day school week beginning for the 2022-2023 school year.

Woodson High School
The 2022-2023 school year marks Woodson’s fourth year of a four-day instructional week.
I believe we were one of the first to adopt in the Big Country area.”
– Casey Adams, Superintendent

Any Big Country school system not represented in this list had not responded to Big Country Homepage by the time this article was published. BCH will update the list as new information becomes available.