ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – The Wylie ISD school board voted Monday to approve a bond package totaling $269 Million. The projects outlined in the package cover expansions at Wylie High and Wylie East intermediate, the construction of a new Elementary campus, as well as other transportation, safety, and equipment upgrades. But Wylie District voters will have the final say in what money gets approved.

“I think, without knowing what all is included, it sounds like a big number… This is about keeping our kids safe and helping them to learn, and kids learn better when they’re in great facilities,” said Wylie mother and Wylie ISD Growth and Planning Committee member Allison Frailing.

The needs of the campus outlined in the package are a result of a year-long study by the Wylie ISD Growth and Planning Committee. Their findings were then turned over to the school board for finalization. These needs have been organized into three propositions that will go before voters on November 7.

Proposition A, $234 million:

  • High School Expansion
  • New Elementary School
  • East Intermediate Expansion
  • Safety and Security
  • New Buses and Transportation
  • Campus Renovations
  • Paving Improvements
  • District-Wide Equipment

Proposition B, $29 million:

  • New Community Event Center (to be constructed on the north end of Hugh Sandifer Stadium)

Proposition C, $6 million:

  • Student & Teacher Technology Devices

Wylie ISD superintendent Joey light told KTAB/KRBC the expansions and renovations are a direct response to the abundance of growth in the Wylie student population. The Highschool would see a two story addition on the northeast corner of the campus, where the tennis courts and ag building are currently located. This would add 63 classrooms including CTE classrooms, and re-locate the ag building and tennis courts, which would both see upgrades as well including the addition of five new tennis courts.

“This is just the next step in trying to meet the needs of a growing community, and so we’re looking forward to that challenge,” Supt. Light explained.

The high school would also see a new gym, band hall addition, and a practice field for the band.

These additions along with the new elementary campus would bring some much needed space to the Wylie district as enrollment numbers continue to climb.

“We’re basically at the point where we’re busting at the seams. Within the next year, my son is going into high school. It’s predicted that there won’t be enough space for those kids,” shared Frailing.

The technology upgrades in proposition A would be focused on infrastructure while those in Proposition C are geared towards teacher and student equipment in the classroom.

“Not necessarily sending students home with devices, but having more access for all students on the campus on a daily basis,” Supt. Light expanded.

Safety and security are also squarely in the spotlight, light saying they are hoping to improve cell coverage in some areas in case of emergencies and physical safety issues, like shatter proof glass and improved vestibules.

“My ask would be for every Wylie community member to do their homework. If you have questions, reach out,” added Frailing.

Early voting beings Monday, October 23 and will last through Friday, November 3. Election day is Tuesday, November 7.