SWEETWATER, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Reports of up to baseball-size hail in Sweetwater during Tuesday night’s storms led to some damage in the area and even caused several emergency service vehicles to need repairs. 

Many residents are now left to figure out what to do about damage to their homes or vehicles.  An ambulance at Sweetwater Fire Department was damaged while they were on a call transporting a patient. 

“They ran into that hail storm, and it took a pretty good beating,” said Fire Chief Dewey Coy. 

He explained that if this vehicle is totaled, it could cost around $310,000 for the city to replace it. 

“We do have a backup ambulance that we’ll be able to put in its place to serve the citizens,” Coy shared. “When everyone is safe in their house, you’ve got police and fire and EMS that are going to be responding and be right out in the middle of it.” 

A K-9 unit at the police department was also damaged during this storm, and according to the city, this could cost upwards of $65,000 if totaled. 

Over at Lake Sweetwater VFD, crews are down to two trucks instead of three because of damage. 

“We have two good trucks. This is one of our good trucks that will now be down for some time,” explained Chief Pete Gizzi. 

Gizzi shared that he hopes insurance will cover costs since their funds all come out of pocket. 

The owner of Sitton Roofing, Gary Sitton, said he has had more than 20 calls about damage in the Sweetwater and Coronado Camp areas, sharing that some roofs were completely torn apart. 

State Farm agent Richard Fergeson said he has mainly heard of vehicle damage in the Sweetwater area. 

“You can’t always dictate how much damage there is based on the size of the hail,” said Fergeson. “A lot of it has to do with quantity and how hard it’s falling.” 

He encourages people to prepare for scenarios like this. 

“If you think you suspect damage from the previous storm, go ahead and do temporary repairs. Keep receipts and invoices if you have to bring anybody out. Take pictures,” Fergeson advised. 

With some more predicted severe weather on the way, Fergusen and Sitton said to call your insurance provider as soon as possible if any damage does occur.