EULA, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – The Eula Volunteer Fire Department (VFD) announced that it is working on obtaining a rating with the Insurance Standards Office. The department said it’s a lengthy process, but will greatly benefit the community.

According to a Facebook post from Eula VFD, the department has just recently applied for its first rating and could take around six months, up to a year to be completed.

In its post, the department explained that an ISO rating could possibly, “put a fire station closer to your home and should lower your home owners insurance premiums.”

Lower insurance premiums are absolutely possible, according to an article from Power DMS, but isn’t directly tied to the rating itself. Many insurers offer discounts for Public Protection Classifications, but the rating structure changes often. So, lower premiums are likely but not a given.

Per Power DMS, the ISO will collect data on Eula VFD, and rate it on a scale between 1-10. The higher the fire protection class, the ‘better’ the department.

On a 100-point scale, the department will be rated in the following areas:

  • Emergency Communication Systems
  • The department’s personnel, capabilities, training and equipment
  • Water supply
  • Community Risk Reduction

There is potential for a fire department to receive the maximum of 105.5 points, but that is not a likely score for a small volunteer fire department, like in Eula. Nevertheless, the more points scored equals the better the ISO fire rating. Good luck, Eula Volunteer Fire Department!