THROCKMORTON, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – The Uvalde shooting comes to mind just 24 hours after Throckmorton County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) held a suspect allegedly involved in a circulating mass casualty threat at Throckmorton Collegiate ISD. Many families have been fearful, anxious, and surprised these threats are hitting so close to home.

“This is uncharted territory,” Sheriff Doc Wigington said, “I’ll tell you right now, for this community.”

Just like the skies Monday morning; gloomy and ominous, as was the atmosphere surrounding Throckmorton CISD. Not quite 24 hours had passed when TCSO deputies swiftly intercepted a mass casualty threat circulating in the school Sunday, April 23.

According to a Facebook post by Sheriff Wigington on Sunday night, TCSO gathered information from school administrators that determined the threat to not only be credible, but viable as well. Sheriff Wigington went on to explain in his post, the suspect had been apprehended around 5:00 p.m. Sunday.

“The information that was gained happened over the weekend, so we were able to get ahead of the situation,” presented Sheriff Wigington. “All of these incidents are going to be taken at 100% and investigated. Nothing is going to be blown off.” 

While there’s still many unknowns surrounding the threat of a mass casualty event at Throckmorton CISD, Sheriff Wigington said the “see something, say something” procedure was followed to a tee and believes that it prevented a lot of heartbroken parents in West Texas.

“Whether they’re just in a talking stage or threatening stage or a full-scale plan, you have to take those threats as if they are imminent,” Sheriff Wigington warned. “Because if you don’t, you’re going to be… behind a few steps.” 

In response to the threat, Sheriff Wigington told KTAB/KRBC extra security was paroling the campus throughout the day on Monday while classes resumed as normal. However, anxiousness still was at the forefront of parent’s minds. He said he hopes the added security will help put parents’ minds at ease.

“There’s a lot of parents that are still afraid because this is not something that is supposed to come around in Throckmorton, Texas,” added Sheriff Wigington. “I’ve taken an oath to protect this county and protect these citizens, and I take that very seriously. If such an event like that happens, and we pray it never does, be assured it will be taken care of, even if it costs us our lives.” 

Tuesday, TCSO provided ballistic shields to each of Throckmorton CISD’s campuses. It was an act Sheriff Wignington said is the first of many to increase security measures.

One other concern raised by parents KTAB/KRBC spoke with was a lack of a mass communication system by Throckmorton CISD.

Superintendent Charles Mims released this statement regarding the lack of a mass communication system via the school district’s Facebook page:

“I am committed to ensuring that your children are safe in our schools. Whatever is necessary to ensure this safety will be done. I accept any and all blame on the lack of clear and effective mass communication with you all, and I assure all of our parents that this will be resolved immediately.”

This investigation is still ongoing, but any updates received will be posted on as we receive them.