EXCLUSIVE: Abilene felony kidnapping suspect claims innocence, asks remaining fugitives to surrender


WARNING: The full Interview at the end of the article contains strong language and may be upsetting to some people

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Through a grainy screen at the Taylor County Jail, George Frosch claims innocence from any charges connected to the murder of Priscilla Limon and encourages those wanted by Abilene Police to “do what’s right” and turn themselves in.

Frosch is charged with First Degree Felony Aggravated Kidnapping in connection to Limon’s murder. Her body was found May 5 near Lake Fort Phantom Hill.

Another man, Blake Britner, has also been charged with Aggravated Kidnapping. Roger Scotty Wilson and Ashley Alaniz are still wanted by authorities, with warrants already issued for their arrests.

Frosch says he likely saw Limon on her final day alive, however, he claims he had nothing to do with her death.

“She was my friend and I’m getting accused of stuff I didn’t do,” said Frosch.

He says his final encounters with Limon began on April 26 or 27 when he ran into her on the street near the intersection of North 18th and Grape Streets. He says he gave her a ride back to his home, where she spent the night but she would be gone before he woke up.

“She’d taken a little bit of money with her and some drugs that I had stashed back,” said Frosch.

Frosch says Limon was an on-and-off again friend and girlfriend. The pair had previously dated and “messed around in the drug game,” says Frosch.

It would be several hours later when Frosch would see Limon again, this time at a 7-11 convenience store on Butternut Street. He says she ran off, leaving behind her bicycle and backpack, which Frosch threw in the back of his truck.

It would be the negotiation of these items that would secure Frosch an invite to a home on Shelton Street, where Limon, Britner, Wilson and Alaniz were, he says.

Frosch says he arrived at the home to discuss returning the bike and bag back to Limon, the dispute resolved amicably, but Frosch says unease filled the home once talk turned to something on Limon’s cellphone.

“Something on her phone popped up, three or four people congregated, conversated about the phone,” said Frosch. “They stepped off into another room to talk about it then told me I could leave.”

Frosch says Limon had “not a scratch on her” when he left the home. He claims the first time he heard she was dead was when he was questioned by authorities.

Frosch claims the others accused in this case have openly admitted to friends about their involvement, including grisly details of what may have been done to Limon in the moments before her death.

“Blake told me he done it. Scotty ‘Rebel’ at one time said he’d done it. Ashley told one of my best friends she’d done it,” said Frosch. “She [Ashley Alaniz] said she beat her up real good and set her on fire.”

During this jailhouse interview, we asked Frosch what he would say to Limon if she were still alive, his voice faltering slightly before speaking aloud.

“She don’t deserve what she got – period. Nobody would,” said Frosch. “I want to tell her family I’m sorry that they have to go through this at this time.”

While details around this case appear murky, one thing is clear – a woman is dead. Her family is likely mourning her loss as they and the accused wait to see what happens next.

“This will all come out in the wash,” said Frosch. “It’s all gonna come out.”

The full raw interview can be found below.

WARNING: This video contains strong language and may be upsetting to some people 

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