JONES COUNTY, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – It’s been almost four months since a man’s body was found in Jones County, and the family is wanting answers about what happened that night, now asking for the community’s help. 

On December 31, a man’s body was found off of County Road 310. That man was later identified as Christopher Zarate. His sister, Veronica Martinez, and brother, Gabriel Zarate, said it has been months and they have not received any answers or updates as to what happened, other than this incident being investigated as a homicide due to foul play being suspected.

“It’s been too long for us,” said Martinez. 

“We’re seeking to get answers for his murder,” added Zarate. 

Even though Zarate said Christopher had a troubled past in how he lived his life, he said, “Nobody deserves to be done like that… When they found his body, it was just like — I was just completely torn apart.” 

They both mention Zarate being a good father to his children, and they are simply wanting answers to their questions. 

“How, who, or why?” asked Veronica. 

They shared that any information they have at the moment, they have had to find on their own. 

“Jones County, the sheriff’s office, they really aren’t giving us any information,” explained Zarate. 

The Sheriff of Jones County, Danny Jiminez, told KTAB/KRBC that in cases like these, the investigation may take a while because there were no eyewitnesses to come forward. Due to this, they have to find evidence at the scene and send it off for forensic testing. Even that evidence is limited, according to the sheriff, and they are still waiting for it to be processed. 

Christopher’s family is now hoping the community can help. 

“Anything will help. If you have any information, you can call the Jones County Sheriff’s Office,” said Zarate. 

“We’re still trying to grieve, but we can’t until we have answers,” Veronica explained.

The Jones County Sheriff’s Office has partnered with the Texas Rangers to investigate this case.