HAMLIN, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Hamlin Police officer Joseph Benavides is the subject of local conversation in his town. Benavides performed a traffic stop that he claims was minor and warranted. However, some members of his family have addressed the city council, saying Benavides is now facing repercussions such as termination. Not because of his actions, but because the person he pulled over has alleged “connections” with Hamlin City Council.

“Joseph’s integrity and financials have been scrutinized and those in power, the council who should have his back, do not,” Benavides’ mother, Yolanda Timmons told the Hamlin City Council.

A city council meeting took place Monday. During the open-forum portion of that meeting, Benavides’ mother and his wife, Brooke Benavides read aloud their prepared statements to the city council and all in attendance.

“You see, I’ve heard from multiple individuals that the word on the street is my husband is going to be fired for pulling over a person with self-perceived clout in this town,” Mrs. Benavides said.

Timmons asserted that the businessman in question has had business dealings with at least two members of the city council, and she believed this is why her son was allegedly reprimanded.

“Joseph was pulled into the chief’s office and told to lay off this particular individual… As a tax paying citizen of Hamlin, I wonder about the integrity of the council,” pondered Timmons. “Is it fair to say that if you have enough money you can buy a council member?”

Mrs. Benavides raised similar claims during her public address, “Certain individuals in this room have allowed two people with self-proclaimed importance to bend their ear and influence their actions. It’s time for this absolute nonsense to be stopped. It has went on far too long.”

KTAB/KRBC looked into the business histories of the council members Timmons named. One name did show to have had property dealings with the businessman in question. While this does confirm that at least one of them has had financial transactions with the businessman, it does not necessarily mean that they are providing preferential treatment. But for Officer Benavides, the prospect is enough to fear.

“He’s kind of scared to pull over anyone,” Timmons added, “because what if he pulls over the wrong person and loses his job?”

KTAB/KRBC did reach out to the city council and the businessman in question, both declined to comment on the matter at this time.