ABILENE Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – With the Wylie little league team making it to the Little League World Series, Abilene has a lot to be proud of. Many residents got together Friday to watch their first game, show that pride, and offer support.

“They set the goal from day one, ‘We’re going to Williamsport,’ and I think there was a lot of people that doubted that. For them to go do that, they’ve just got to be proud of that accomplishment alone,” says Wylie Little League Vice President Mike Wylie.

He and the rest of the league parents, players, and coaches watched together at a parent’s home as the team made their Little League World Series debut.

“When I heard that they we’re going to Williamsport, I just freaked out, it was so cool,” said 11-year-old Ryder Harrison.

“They’re the first of Abilene, I think, so it’s going to be an amazing experience,” Says 10-year-old Davis Wylie.

Though the gathering of friends and family was not the only one to take place, as fans from all over Abilene went to Mulligans Sports Bar and Grill to watch the team on one of the 15 televisions that had them playing.

Jack King, owner of Mulligans, says it was no question that they would host a watch party when he heard what success the team had seen.

“I grew up with teams around Wylie Little League that were really good that didn’t get near this far, so to see them get to the Little League World Series just tells me how good they are,” King says.

Family or fans, both watch parties agree that when the team comes home it will be a warm welcome no matter the outcome.

“I think the welcome home is going to look the same whether they win or lose, to be honest with you. I think Abilene is proud of them,” says Mark.

“We’ll have a watch party every time they play. They’ve got at least two games and we’re hoping they make it all the way,” says King.

The watch parties ended happily, as Wylie defeated Washington 6-0.