The Farm, Ranch and Wildlife Expo concluded Wednesday, but not before the presentation of a prestigious award. The Abilene Chamber of Commerce hosted a luncheon in which the Taylor County Ag Extension Committee presented the Farm Family of the Year Award to the Jackson brothers.

The luncheon began with history about the brothers.

“Through the years, Waylan, Bob and David had a dream of opening a store together.” 

The brothers grew up on a small cotton farm in Knox County. The farm was established by their great-grandfather in 1870.

“We began with very modest means in the beginning,” Waylan Jackson says.

The brothers each went their seperate ways and pursued their own careers varying from Proctor & Gamble to Payless Shoes. The brothers came together almost 33 years ago and decided to open their dream store.

“We just opened our business and put our best foot forward,” Waylan says.

Today, agriculture enthusiast and the community of Abilene recognize their dream as the store Jackson Brothers Feed and Seed.

“It’s an honor to serve people and take care of their needs,” Waylan says. “That’s our main goal and focus.

After years of hard work and dedication to the community, the Taylor County Ag Extension Committee awarded the Jackson brothers with the Farm Family of the Year Award on Wednesday.

“We certainly didn’t expect anything of this nature,” Waylan said. “We’re just pleased to be able to serve.”

The family was awarded a plaque, and an American and Texas flag that were flown in honor of farmers and their families.

“We’re very honored to have those,” Waylan says. “They’ve flown over the capitol building.”

The Jackson brothers thanked the community and their family for all of the support. Waylan concluded his speech by saying, “Abilene, what a wonderful place to live, what a wonderful place to visit, what a wonderful place to call home.”