ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – A recent cost of living analysis claims Abilene is one of the cheapest places to live in the country.

Doxo Insights put together a nationwide report based on the 10 most common monthly bills – mortgage, rent, auto loan, auto insurance, utilities, health insurance, life insurance, cable and satellite, mobile phone, and alarm and security – to determine what areas were paying the lowest average monthly price.

The report says Abilene is paying an average of $1,552 for these monthly bills, which is 22.5% lower than the national average of $2,003, and lower than the state average of $1,956.

Here is the breakdown of average monthly bills in Abilene provided by Doxo Insights:

Mortgage: $1,119
Rent: $905
Auto Loan: $442
Auto Insurance: $60
Utilities: $279
Health Insurance: $110
Life Insurance: $81
Cable and Satellite: $130
Mobile Phone: $106
Alarm and Security: $83

The average cost of living is cheaper in Abilene than in Brownwood ($1,561), Sweetwater ($1,662), and Snyder ($1,662).

Statewide, Southlake has the largest cost of living at $3,665 and Mercedes has the cheapest cost of living at $1,104.