ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – With cooler temperatures approaching, you might feel the burn in your pocket when buying firewood. According to business owners who sell wood, the average cost of firewood has increased about 20 percent.

Costs are increasing due to the rise in gas prices and inflation. Ron Lawn, the owner of Ron Lawn Service, said he has been selling firewood for 30 years and supply and demand play a big role in firewood costs.

“Last year, there was virtually no wood to be bought in Abilene. A cord of wood, 16 foot long by 4 foot high, probably goes for 200 dollars now plus a delivery cost. When I started, you could buy a cord wood for 150 bucks easy”, said Ron.

The cost of firewood is expensive in general. With different types of wood and bundles the cost of firewood can be as low as 20 dollars or as high as 400 dollars.

“Wood is very labor intensive, it comes from a tree, it’s cut up, its split, it’s processed, it’s stacked, it’s loaded, its hauled to a truck. The more you touch it, the more wood is going to cost you,” said Ron.

Garrison Powell, from Thornton’s Tree Service, said even with price increases, the company is trying its best to stay competitive while still offering firewood at affordable costs for the community.

“The power crisis that kind of came with the freeze kind of put a lot of people on edge and you know… don’t necessarily know if you can always trust to have your heating system on during the winter as more and more power being drawn,” said Powell.

Business owners recommend buying firewood early to ensure you are stocked up for the winter season.