BIG COUNTRY, Texas ( – The Big Country is no stranger to fire danger and devastation this year. Because the spring and summer has been so hot, dry and windy, fire danger remains high and multiple Big Country counties have banned fireworks altogether.

Here is a list of areas without fireworks this Independence Day:

Taylor County
Aerial fireworks were banned throughout Taylor County June 7.
Fireworks within Abilene are also banned.
Personal fireworks are not allowed in Tuscola, but may be donated at City Hall for its show.
Westex Connect’s 15th Annual Fireworks Spectacular at the Zoo Festival Gardens will go on as scheduled.

Nolan County
Lake Sweetwater is not allowing fireworks on lake property, enforced by fines up to $200.

Eastland County
The entire County of Eastland banned all fireworks June 27 through Tuesday, July 5.

Callahan County
The entire County of Callahan banned all fireworks Friday, July 1 through Tuesday.

Coleman County
The County of Coleman banned aerial fireworks Thursday, June 30.
Fireworks of any kind are banned within the city limits of Coleman. Coleman Police Department will issue citations and confiscate fireworks.