TYE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Driving is something most people have to do, but it can be hard to drive in the fog. Heavy fog reduces visibility and can potentially create hazardous situations for drivers. KRBC Morning Meteorologist, Clemente Morales, said fog is more common during the winter months since the weather quickly goes from warm temperatures in the morning to cold at night.

“We have the contrast in those temperatures, that’s when we’re probably going to see more of those types of situations occur. When you got the warm conditions we’ve had lately, then all of a sudden it cools off at night,” Morales explained.

Morales also shared that wind speed plays a factor in creating fog.

“When those wind speeds are gentle and calm, nature is at its calmest. That’s when you’re probably going to see more of a foggy type of situation,” Morales said.

Weather related incidents is something the Tye Volunteer Fire Station often sees. With the fire station being right off I-20, the fire station is often one of the first on scene to respond to incidents in the I-20 area of Tye. Justin Burgess, Public Information Officer, said he’s been posting winter weather driving safety tips on social media to promote safe driving. This year alone, they’ve responded to 16 road collisions in Tye.

“About 40% of that has been during sub optimal conditions,” Burgess stated.

Burgess said if you have to drive in fog, the best thing you can do is reduce your speed and be aware of your surroundings.

“Leave your house early to go to your destination, so you can drive slower and be safer. Do not use your high beams, because the high beams will just make it worse. It’s going to put up a, basically like a wall, in front of you of light,” Burgess explained.

Visit the National Weather Services website for more fog driving tips.