ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – KTAB/KRBC sat down with Abilene’s Aaron Watson to chat about his return from hiatus, social media, new album, family and more.

After a vocal cord injury, Aaron Watson will be returning to the stage from a six month hiatus due to a minor laser surgery on his vocal cords.

Watson said one of the first times he noticed an issue was during a performance in Denver, Colorado.

“I went to just sing a song I’ve sang a million times and this pain hit me, and then nothing would come out. I think I was a little alarmed, but you have to roll with the punches, that’s life,” said Watson.

His injury occurred during the release of his 18th album “Unwanted Man” and new single “The Old Man Said,” which was frustrating timing according to Watson.

“I worked so hard on this album, and then, it’s time to put it out. And that very week, I had surgery, couldn’t talk at all,” said Watson.

Despite this, he said his friends and fans were great during this time. His daughter helped him make a video that said he could not talk at the time, but his new album was out.

“It was frustrating, but you kinda just keep moving forward and it’s been so fun to be able to release the song ‘The Old Man Said’ for Mr. Pete,” said Watson.

Watson spent 14 years writing this single in honor of his friend Pete Peugh, who took care of him in college and was always there for him. Peugh’s health was declining, and Peugh invited him over to his house before Watson had his first child.

“For the next hour we just sat and he poured his heart out to me and gave me all kinds of life advice about being a dad and a husband,” Watson recalled.

When Watson came home, he wrote ‘The old man said’ and some lyrics on a piece of paper and Pugh passed away a week later.

“It’s an honor, to get to share his story and to pass on his wisdom through my song,” said Watson.

While receiving treatment, Watson reflected on his journey as a singer so far with 25 years of singing, 18 albums and more than 2,500 performances. He said that he feels like he is just getting started, but if this was the end for this career, he has a little ‘back-up’ plan.

“I’ve got two teenage boys, a trailer and some really nice mowers,” Watson said through a laugh.

For ten years, Watson has been dreaming about doing a special Christmas show. In December, this dream will come to life at the Paramount Theater.

On December 22 and 23, ‘An Aaron Watson Family Christmas’ show will take place at the Paramount with a night of singing, Santa and family fun.

Tickets are on sale now online and at the box office, ranging from $19-39 per person. A portion of this money will go to Love and Care Ministry, a non-profit that helps the homeless, hungry and many others.

“What a wonderful way for the whole family to come out and just start the celebration,” said Watson.