ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – As we begin to wind up 2023, you can feel the excitement of the holiday season ramping up. Mariah Carey got the vibes started as soon as the clock struck midnight, heading into Wednesday.

With the cold air already in place across most of the country, some are wondering if it will stay like this to end the year. Others may want things to warm back up just a little bit before we get into the real winter season.

Even though the holiday season is here, December will have to wait its turn as we get ready to gather around family and friends for Thanksgiving Day, which is now only 22 days away.

Let’s take a look into what conditions we can typically expect during the month of November. Below is a chart of the Monthly Climate Normals (1991-2020) for the Abilene area:

During the month of November, we average a little under an inch-and-a-half (1.40in) of precipitation. This is our fourth driest month of the year, so we don’t expect too much to happen for this time of year.

As for the temperatures, they are typically comfortable for this time of year. The mean is the average of all the temperatures for the month. So, this chart shows the averages for the maximum, minimum, and average temperatures for the month.

The max temperature equals the daily high temperatures, so the average daily high temperature for the month is 67.8°F. The min temperature is the daily low temperature, so the average daily low temperature is 43.3°F.

Here is a look at how this month is expected to play out against those averages above:

Above is the Monthly Temperature and Precipitation Outlooks for the month of November. Temperatures are expected to be slightly warmer than what we normally have for this time of year.

This means we could see more of temperatures in the 70s and 80s for this month, even though some days will be colder than average due to cold fronts moving through.

As for rain chances, they seem to not be leaning towards a drier or wetter trend. Texas, along with plenty of states in the US, have equal chances for either condition. So, we can expect an average amount of rainfall, which is around 1.40 inches.

Temperatures will begin to rebound before rain chances do as the 6–10-Day Outlooks show warmer and drier weather to start the month.

Rain chances are expected to increase by the second week of the month and stay through the end.

Below show precipitation outlooks for the last couple of weeks of the month:

As of now, we are trending wetter than normal from the second week of the month through the fourth week. Thanksgiving week could be a wet one. We will definitely keep you updated as we get closer to time.

With temperatures trending warmer throughout the month, we are not expecting any crazy winter weather event, but showers and a few thunderstorms could be possible.

For the remainder of this week, expect temperatures to gradually warm up into the 70s and 80s by Sunday. No rain chances ahead, just breezy conditions this weekend ahead of a weak cold front.