Q’Juan finds it easy to make friends with older peers. He gets along well with others normally and protects others that are being picked on or made fun of. Q’Juan seeks male attention and sometimes can become jealous if he does not get all the attention. Q’Juan enjoys playing outside, running, playing basketball, and playing video games in his down time. Q’Juan enjoys going fishing and does so whenever he has an available chance. Q’Juan is normally very respectful and polite when speaking with adults. Q’Juan excels in football and looks forward to this sport. He wants to be active on a team and appreciates the structure and rules that being on a team provides. Q’Juan likes the camaraderie that being on a team has and enjoys being a part of it. Q’Juan enjoys having updates on his siblings and having visits with his sister. Q’Juan has a big appetite and loves to eat. Q’Juan enjoys going out to eat and enjoying activities as a family.

Family Profile

Q’Juan wants a nice family who loves him. He wants a active family. He wants someone that sets rules but who is laid back at the same time. He wants someone that can focus on him and his achievements and goals. He wants someone he cant talk to about his problems and be understanding when he is working through his anger.

About Me

I love to play basketball and go fishing. I want an active family who loves me. To inquire about Q’Juan, please contact Beverly Hutchins at bhutchins@2ingage.org.