Editor’s Note: KTAB and KRBC are choosing to redact the identity of the defendant in the lawsuit because no criminal charges have been filed.

PARKER COUNTY, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – A more than $1 million lawsuit has been filed against a woman accused of contributing to an anonymous Instagram account that detailed sexual assault allegations against a former University of Arkansas quarterback, causing to get him kicked out of the football program.

In the lawsuit, plaintiff Kade Renfro and his attorney say the false allegations have cost Renfro his reputation and career as a collegiate and even professional football player.

Renfro and the defendant* began seeing each other in August of 2022, and during that time, the lawsuit states they would create explicit videos.

Around January 2023, the lawsuit claims the defendant asked for the full explicit video so she could upload it to a website that sells explicit content. Renfro then blocked her from all communication.

The lawsuit states the defendant then began posting defamatory information on the kaderenfroabuse Instagram account, including his cell phone number and other personal information.

She also, according to the lawsuit, “aided in perpetuating the belief that some pictures stolen by the creator of the site were real and inferred they were her and shared private, consensual photos of Austin Kade Renfro without his permission or consent.”

Renfro and his attorney believe she did this as revenge for ending their relationship.

This defendant is also accused of making defamatory remarks about Renfro on other public sites such as www.change.org.

The lawsuit states these remarks, “[injured Renfro’s] reputation and [injured] him in his college football career and any prospective NFL career in the future.

Renfro is seeking more than $1 million plus punitive damages for mental anguish, injury to his character and reputation, loss of earning capacity, loss of his ability to continue education, and loss of income.

Read the full lawsuit in the document below:

As of June 6, 2023, no criminal charges have been filed against Kade Renfro. However, he was immediately terminated from the University of Arkansas football program as soon as the allegations surfaced on Instagram.

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