ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – A lawsuit has been filed against the City of Abilene involving allegations of fraud during road construction projects.

Chad Carter, a former engineer for the City of Abilene, addressed City Council members during a special meeting held Tuesday night regarding the possibility of adding a fee to water bills that would fund road repairs.

Carter claims he was named as the supervising engineer for several road projects, including Marin Street, Autumn Sage Lane, S. 13th Street, Sandy Street, and Dixon Road, even though he says he was not involved in any of the projects.

Carter believes he was named by somebody employed by the City of Abilene so the City would not be found in violation of the Texas Engineering Practice Act.

The specific section of act Carter claims the City violated can be found below: 

1001.407. Construction of Certain Public Works
The state or a political subdivision of the state may not construct a public work involving
engineering in which the public health, welfare, or safety is involved, unless:
(1) the engineering plans, specifications, and estimates have been prepared by an
engineer; and
(2) the engineering construction is to be performed under the direct supervision of
an engineer.

Carter also alleges that at least some of those projects did not meet city standards, specifications, or ordinances, and some of the roads were built 4-to-6-feet too narrow.

KTAB and KRBC asked the City of Abilene several questions regarding these allegations, but they have declined to comment, saying, “unfortunately, we cannot answer your questions at this time as we are in ongoing litigation with Mr. Carter.”

The Texas Board of Professional Engineers told KTAB and KRBC they have received numerous complaints from Carter, and they did begin an investigation, but the case was closed for unknown reasons. 

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