It’s been 4 years since a young girl was found dead in an Abilene field, and her uncle is still waiting for her accused killer to be charged. John Quinn is wanting justice for his 20-year-old niece Jeannie Quinn. 

“I’m never gonna be satisfied,” says John. 

He explains that his niece was more like a daughter to him, as he stepped in whenever her father passed away, a couple of years before her murder. Jeannie and her brother moved to Texas to be closer to their mother, but they planned to live with John in New Jersey if it did not work out. One day, Jeannie Quinn decided to go on a trip with her boyfriend, and she never came home. 

“He was a bad character,” says John. 

Family members filed a missing person report, and her body was found in an Abilene field with ‘hard wire’ around her neck. The only person-of-interest is her boyfriend, Ricky Don Henderson. 

“He is in prison now for unrelated charges,” John states. 

Even though he is in prison, John will not stop trying to get justice, explaining that Henderson is not in prison for what he wants him to be in prison for. Now that it has been four years since the murder, he is worried. 

“They’ve got cases that are going on now. They’re not really putting effort in time into a four-year-old case,” he says. 

And he is frustrated. 

“If you’re not looking, it’s not gonna come.” 

He is still thankful that Henderson is locked up, and that APD put in effort to get him off the street. John Quinn is determined to prove that Henderson is the murderer. 

“There’s no doubt in my mind that he was involved,” he says. 

Abilene Police Department says that the department does not currently have enough evidence to file this case with the district attorney’s office, but they urge anyone with information regarding this case to call their non-emergency number (325) 673-8331.