CISCO, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – A matter of residence played a large role in the City of Cisco’s recent mayoral election. Current Mayor Tammy Douglas, who served since 2016, recently moved just outside city limits – disqualifying her from running again.

Chris Johnson, the man who signed up and was voted in, is facing a similar issue, only having lived in city limits for three months. The residential period required to run for mayor is six months.

This has left the position up to the other man running, former Place 5 council member and longtime resident, Stephen Forester.

“He knows the ins and outs of how cities work, and I think it’ll be an easy transition for him to step into that role,” Mayor Douglas said.

Johnson took up Foresters Place 5 seat in City Council and Forester will be sworn into office come July 25.

“I am excited,” Forester explained. “A little nervous, but excited to take over.”

Mayor Douglas told KTAB/KRBC she is optimistic about Cisco’s future, and plans to play a civic role where she can.

“My parents raised me with a great respect for civic duty and I want to leave that legacy to someone that will continue to make Cisco the best it can be,” Mayor Douglas revealed. “And that’s what I think he [Forester] will do.”

That legacy is a goal Forester said he will strive for in multiple ways. Two areas he looks to focus on are city streets and economic development.

“I am confident that we will continue the plans started by Mayor Douglas in her term, to update and fix the roads in Cisco,” Forester detailed. “Our CDC (Cisco Development Corporation) director, Justin Jaworski… His predecessor John Diers – they have done great in trying to renovate this little city.”

Capitalizing on the momentum already gained and moving forward into his vision for the city, Forester detailed how involved he is in the Cisco community.

“I have grown three children up in this wonderful community, and I want my children’s children to grow up in this kind of community,” added Forester.