Meet 10-year-old Aaron

Aaron is a very affectionate and loving young man.

This 10-year-old loves video gaming and basketball. Being outside or being involved in activities such as sports, church, or camps makes Aaron happy. He is always on the go and loves to stay active.

Aaron makes everyone around him smile and gives the best bear hugs to those he is close to.

At school, his teachers enjoy him in the classroom and rave about his accomplishments and progress. Aaron enjoys math and science, but is not as crazy about reading and writing.

Aaron tends to be easily distracted and struggles to finish projects when he starts them. He will need extra work in learning how to pay attention and can sometimes act before he thinks.

This guy enjoys trips to McDonalds, and has a sweet tooth! He loves ice cream and cookies.

Family profile

Aaron is looking for his no-matter-what family and is eager to find them.

This 10-year-old loves animals and would love to find a family that has pets or would allow him to have one. Aaron would also enjoy having siblings to play with and be best friends with.

Aaron’s dream is to be adopted by a family that will love him forever. Through thick and thin. He would benefit from a family that is patient and loving but will also provide structure for him.

He enjoys being active and would like a family that will participate as well as encourage him in these activities.

About Aaron

“I am very affectionate and have a lot of energy. I love playing basketball and being outside but also, I like to play video games,” said Aaron.

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