Meet 11-year-old Hope

Hope is a very active young lady who never sits still! She is always on the go, doing something – either playing outside or playing games inside.

Future of the Family: Hope, 11

This 11-year-old is very sweet and loves to be around others. She works hard at making friends, and is working on maintaining appropriate relationships.

Hope loves school and has worked hard this year at maintaining her grades.

Although she has plenty of time to decide, Hope doesn’t know what she wants to do when she grows up. But she is dabbling with the idea of fashion design! She loves to try on and have new clothes.

You will always see Hope smiling, and wanting to make other people smile, too.

Hope is very inquisitive and loves to learn new things. She would like to be part of a large family. She is also very creative and artsy.

Family profile

Hope needs a very active and structured home setting. She does best with children older than her.

She would also benefit from a family with a great deal of patience and understands the dynamics of abuse and the trauma that is endured.

About Hope

I like playing outside on the trampoline or going swimming,” Hope told 2Ingage. “I like to play with my Barbies, or play video games with other people.”

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