Meet 11-year-old Jadin

Science is Jadin’s favorite subject in school.

He enjoys being outside and is very athletic. Jadin likes playing skip rocks at a lake and also likes to fish. He enjoys spending time with his maternal family and he loves his sister.

Future of the Family: Jadin, 11

Jadin is a caring and compassionate person.

He enjoys playing football, soccer, and basketball.

Jadin likes to play on game stations like xbox and play station.

He enjoys going out on family outings and trips. Jadin is content and open minded to changes.

His favorite foods are burritos and shrimp quesadillas.

Jadin likes playing boardgames and is very competitive.

He likes learning new things about animals and their characteristics.

Jadin wants to be happy and placed in a permanent foster home who will adopt him.

Family Profile

Jadin needs and loving family who is willing to adopt him. He wants a family who can provide his basic needs.

He desires a family that will allow him to maintain some relationship with his sister and maternal family.

About Me

“I love to do research on animals,” Jadin said. “I want to be a famous athlete when I am older!”

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