Child Profile

Cam’Ron is an active boy. He is a soft spoken young man and takes time to warm up to others.

Future of the Family: Cam’Ron, 12

This pre-teen has a smile that can light up a room.

He likes to be busy. He loves looking for arrowheads, playing basketball, and riding bikes.

Camron’s favorites:

  • Colors – red and black
  • Foods – chicken nuggets, burgers & fries, nachos

Cam’Ron loves to watch the National Football League and hopes to attend a game in person someday.

This 12-year-old also likes to have alone time to gather his thoughts during trying times. He is working on expressing himself for others to help understand his needs.

He gets along well with peers in his current placement and does well in school with a little extra help from teachers.

Family Profile

Cam’ron will thrive in a two-parent household, who has experience and patience with children. He would do very well in an organized home with structure and clear expectations.

Cam’ron needs a family who likes to stay active.

He will take time to learn to trust, so a family committed to sticking out the hard times is very important for Cam’ron.

About Me

“I want a nice family and I will be nice to them,” Cam’Ron said.

To inquire about Cam’Ron, please contact Beverly Hutchins by clicking here.