Meet 12-year-old Diana

Diana is a very energetic young lady who enjoys being around others and interacting with others. Diana enjoys choir and loves to sing to any song.

Future of the Family: Diana, 12

She is very open with others regarding her thoughts and opinions.

Diana likes being outside, around animals and learning about them. She has said that she wants to do something in the future that involves animals.

This pre-teen enjoys arts and crafts, and is very creative with her art. She enjoys fashion and loves to dress up and try on new outfits.

Diana likes school for the social aspect and enjoys making new friends.

She is very independent in most aspects of her life. Diana is very aware of her life goals and talks about them often. She wants to be successful.

Family profile

Diana would benefit from a very active and structured home setting.

She should also have space to move around outside, and bonus points for having animals with which she can play. If there are other children, Diana does well with others older than her.

About Diana

“I like playing outside and being around animals. I like choir and love to sing.”

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