Meet 12-year-old Elicio

Elicio, who has diagnosed autism, is a happy boy. He loves to talk about turtles, animals, and art. He even has couple of stuffed turtles, and can’t wait to someday have a live pet turtle.

Future of the Family: Elicio, 12

He enjoys playing on the playground, building things, and creating art. He is a creative child.

Elicio loves to draw realistic drawings of the human eye and drawing sunsets and sunrises.

He also likes playing sports outside. He likes playing football and basketball, and maybe one day would like to play for his school.

Elicio needs help managing his emotions, at times. However, he is making great progress. He is practicing coping skills to help him calm down when needed.

This tween enjoys making friends, although it can occasionally be a struggle for him.

Elicio has a strong desire to learn new ways to deal with his anger.

He also goes by a nickname of Eli, and prefers people call him by his nickname.

Family Profile

Eli wants a nice family who loves him.

He wants an active family, a family that can give him one-on-one attention and time.

Eli needs someone who can understand his disability and wants to walk through it with him. He wants someone to be patient with him and help provide him with the resources he needs.

He wants someone who will celebrate his successes and help achieve his goals, a family he can talk to about his problems and be understanding when he is working through life’s challenges.

About Me

Eli says, “I am very silly!”

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