Meet 13-year-old Faith

Faith is a very intelligent, easy-going, and caring young lady. She loves school and enjoys learning new things.

Future of the Family: Faith, 13

She enjoys being around small groups of people and getting to know people. Faith cares about others and their feelings. She has a huge heart and will help anyone that needs help.

This 13-year-old has a contagious smile and is always smiling!

She loves animals of all types, and loves spending time learning about them and getting to know more about the specific animal.

Faith dreams of going into the medical field and helping others, possibly children.

While in care, Faith has learned to appropriately advocate for herself. She is very aware of herself and knows what is important to her.

Family profile

Faith would do well with a family that is active, very energetic, and enjoys community activities.

She loves animals and would benefit from animals being part of the family. Faith needs positive interactions and being able to trust people in her circle.

About Faith

“I like doing arts and crafts and coloring,” said Faith. “I also enjoy spending time reading interesting books.”

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