Meet 13-year-old Zay

Zay likes playing with his friends. He likes to create things with Legos, and play with his Beyblades. Like most boys his age, he also enjoys spending time on his electronics.

Future of the Family: Zay, 13

He likes spending time outdoors and has experience with fishing and camping. He prefers socializing in small groups.

Zay gets along with others, and enjoys joking around with his peers. He does well in school and generally makes good grades.

He likes playing basketball, tennis, and soccer. He is very outgoing and likes outdoor sports.

This 13-year-old is described as unique, smart, and funny.

His favorite food is pizza or hamburgers and he enjoys most foods. Zay likes watching movies and listening to music.

Zay recently discovered Tech Decks, which are finger board toys. He would like to learn to skateboard.

Family profile

Zay would like to have a family that cares for him, and that is family oriented. He ultimately wants to be loved.

This teen would benefit from a family made up of people who are patient and kind, and who can help him get past his trauma.

About Zay

My name is Zay, and I like playing with Legos and Beyblades. I like interacting or playing with my friends. My personality would be funny, unique, playful and smart.”

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