Meet 15-year-old Caleb

Caleb is a young man who would love to find his forever home.

Future of the Family: Caleb, 15

He is very reserved, respectful, and mild-mannered.

Caleb seems to always be in a good mood and finds joy in trying to uplift others.

This teen enjoys being outside and loves fishing in particular, but seems to be comfortable with any outdoor recreational activity.

Caleb is always able to give a good book recommendation, as reading is his favorite pasttime. He finds interest in other things as well, like theatrical plays and enjoys being around others, even if he is very introverted when you first meet him.

Caleb enjoys sports, specifically baseball, but will tell you that he does not have a favorite team and just loves watching the sport. He also enjoys football but is a baseball kid at heart. Caleb will talk about sports all day long if allowed to do so, so will enjoy talking with someone who is also knowledgeable about sports.

Family Profile

Caleb wants a family who is going to stick with him through the bad times and good times.

About Me

“I enjoy reading when I have free time, and I enjoy being in school stuff like the play our school just had,” said Caleb.

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