Meet 15-year-old Tennie

Tennie can be described as having a funny personality who loves electronics, playing with creative crafts, listening to music and watching movies.

Future of the Family: Tennie, 15

She is a 15-year-old who is nonverbal. Tennie was diagnosed with autism, with accompanying intellectual impairment, requiring very substantial support. She needs to be talked to in a calm voice, which it takes a while to calm her down once becoming upset.

Tennie is very rambunctious and likes to explore, which she requires 24-hour supervision. Her current behaviors include banging her head and stripping in front of others.

She is observant to the things around her and will write down product names with correct spelling, and likes physical touch when talking with others.

Tennie does not understand personal boundaries, but listens to redirection.

Family profile

Tennie needs a family with an understanding of her autism diagnosis. Tennie will need people on her side who have a steady scheduled and do not plan to travel often.

She needs a family that can attend appointments with her, so she can continue to thrive with her developmental delays – a family with patience to understand that Tennie is nonverbal and expresses her emotions by physical touch and when she is frustrated she bangs her head.

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