Justice is a very fun and energetic girl. She is full of life and her smile can light up a room. Justice has a kind heart and can be sensitive at times. She is talkative and inquisitive.

Future of the Family: Justice, 16

Justice gets along well with most of the girls in her current placement and enjoys singing, dancing, and being playful with them.

Like many teenagers her age, at times she can become irritated or frustrated by other youth in her placement.

She is self aware and has been extremely successful in utilizing her coping skills and calming skills. Justice thrives on a healthy balance of nurture and structure. Hearing words of affirmation and praise can really lift her spirits and motivate her.

She is funny and enjoys one-on-one time, as well as time together with the whole group.

Justice enjoys drawing and is very creative. She loves music and listening to her headphones.

It is important for Justice to be active as she typically likes. She can have trouble sitting still and benefits from having ways to move around during activities such as homework, school and meetings.

Justice likes to cook and can be very helpful around the home. She thrives in predictability.

She is learning who she is as a person and watching her grow and her personality shine has been a joy.

Family Profile

Justice would do well in a two-parent home with an active daily schedule that is also structured.

Her forever family will be engaging, active, and silly. They will be energetic and ready to engage not only in activities with Justice, but also encouraging her and cheering her on in the activities of which she participates.

Justice would do fine with siblings in the home, but would also do well as the only child.

Justice has a close relationship with her biological Grandmother and this relationship is very important to her. Her forever family will understand the benefits of her biological connections and will honor and respect that relationship.

Her forever family will be calm and steady, even if Justice gets frustrated and upset. She needs a family who will be responsive to this and will help her finesse the way she communicates with others.

Justice’s family will love her unconditionally and will allow her to be a child, but also hold her accountable to take on responsibilities such as self-care and chores around the house that are normal for a teenager.

About Me

“I want to be part of a family that enjoys spending time together,” said Justice. “I want to have family nights and play board games together.”

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