Monica is a sweet child who enjoys being around others. She is soft spoken and shy until she gets to know people, then she opens up and is very engaging. She is nurturing and does well with younger children and animals.

Future of the Family: Monica, 17

This teenager thrives when given personal, nurturing attention.

She likes to play pick-up games of basketball and she has been working to improve her overall athletic ability. She also loves shopping, trying on clothes, and she likes to experiment with different makeup techniques. She is comfortable in sneakers or cowboy boots.

Monica loves animals and has experience as a 4H exhibitor.

Her favorite foods are hamburgers, pizza and corn dogs.

She enjoys school but does need extra support to help her succeed.

Monica cherishes her friendships and often thinks of how others are feeling. She has a big heart and values lasting relationships. Monica can sometimes act impulsively and will benefit from a good role model.

Family Profile

Monica’s forever family will be a loving and caring family. She would like a family with a mother and a father, but a single mother would work for her also.

She would love to have a family with other children but will do best in a small family where she can receive the individual attention she needs.

Monica’s family will commit to her. Her family will provide her with structure, stability, and consistency. Her family will give her time to bond with her new family and adjust to new surroundings.

About Me

“I love to stay busy. I enjoy attending community activities and staying involved,” Monica said. “I like to be a helper. I want a family that will love me and help me grow.”

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