Meet 7-year-old Landon

Landon is an inquisitive child.

He is very quiet but can get his point across.

Future of the Family: Landon, 7

Landon is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, but with guidance, he adapts to situations very easily and quickly.

He does well in school.

Landon loves to play with dinosaurs. T-Rex is his favorite dinosaur! Landon also enjoys playing outside, but he benefits from having supervision.

He plays well with others most of the time and shares his toys.

Landon likes to go to the park and see the animals at the zoo.

Landon loves to receive and give hugs. He thrives on being told how good he is doing at something.

Landon likes to try to help around the house with chores and is getting better with chores.

Family Profile

Landon needs a family who is patient and caring. He needs a family who is very loving and affectionate.

Landon will benefit from a family who is able to provide him with extra attention. He may do best in a home with older siblings.

About Me

Landon said, “I can do it!”

To inquire about Landon, please contact Beverly Hutchins by clicking here.