ABILENE, Texas (BigCountryHomepage.com) – Abilene Aero gave a birthday gift unlike any other to 92-year-old Doctor Jack Ramsey, a longtime pilot and radiologist. Dr. Ramsey took his final flight Thursday morning as the sun rose.

“I’ve got my Harley out there and my plane out there, my number three son says I’ve got to give them all up,” Dr. Ramsey laughed. “He’s sort of bossy, and I’m not going to pay too much attention.”

Dr. Ramsey first got his pilot’s license in 1961 through the United States Air Force, but flying became a family passion at least one generation earlier. Dr. Ramsey told Big Country Homepage his uncle actually founded Abilene Regional Airport. At its original location, a landing strip sat where the Abilene Zoo’s parking lot now sits.