ABILENE, Texas (BigCountryHomepage.com) – The sixth Annual Texas Belt Sander Championship race ran through Frontier Texas! Tuesday night. The first place winner was presented a trophy and the title of 2022 Texas State Belt Sander Races Champion.

The belt sander race is a fundraiser for Frontier Texas.

Race teams were encouraged to decorate and modify their sanders for ultimate velocity and style. This year’s racers really brought it in the art and style department~

Take a look at the race:

Jeff Salmon, Executive Director of Frontier Texas! told Big Country Homepage this fundraiser came with an emphasis in fun.

“All nonprofits have to raise money, so we have fundraisers. We just wanted to make sure there was fun in fundraising,” Salmon explained. “We enjoy doing it. It’s just a good excuse to have some fun, let some guys be competitive with these power tools and just have a nice evening out here in Downtown Abilene.”

Belt sanders raced along a custom-built 76-foot long race track. Final racers had to work under the conditions of not exceeding 12-inches wide by 24-inches long.

Winners included Rentech Boiler System in first place, Raydon Construction in second and Dyess Air Force Base in third. Great job!