ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Citizens of Stamford and Abilene came together Saturday afternoon to help a family who’s lost everything.

“We were out there eating fish, cooking some fish, and we got up to take the plates back to the house after we discovered it was on fire,” Don Mays said.

Don and Era’s home burnt to the ground six weeks ago due to an electrical fire

“We lost everything, and we didn’t have insurance on it,” Don Mays said.

The couple had lived in that house for 40 years, raising two generations of their family.

“I think it happened on a Sunday and we didn’t know about it until Don actually came to work,” Don Mays’s boss at Reeds Beverage Charles Hughes said.

The community quickly stepped up to help in the moment and planned a garage sale where every item that’s being sold, has been donated by people in the community to help the Mays.

“We knew immediately that we needed to help Don out,” Hughes said. “As soon as people heard about what was going on with Don, the, go fund me page, contributions, people came out of nowhere.”

“This is a wonderful event, it is wonderful, that shows how much people care for you, you know, people really care, God is working, I tell you,” Era Mays said.

“We appreciate everything that people had done, and we thank them from the bottom of my heart,” Don Mays said.

All the money from the sale will be given to Don and Era Mays as well as the money collected from their Go Fund Me page. As of now, the Mays are living in a financed trailer home and they plan to use the money to finish paying it.