Editor’s Note: A Grand Jury indicted the following suspects on felony charges in Taylor County, Texas, September 21. All individuals named below are considered not guilty unless deemed otherwise in a court of law.

Courtney Hurley – Prohibited Substance in Correction Facility, 2nd Count Possession of Meth

Dakotah Brewer – Unauthorized Use of Vehicle, 2nd Count Possession of Meth

Brandon Briggs – Assault Family Violence Enhanced

Robert Roddy – Assault Family Violence

Raquane Wallace – Evading Arrest, 2nd Count Possession of Marijuana

A’ryn Taylor – Burglary of Habitation

Mackenzie Chastang – Possession of Meth

David Beason – Possession of Meth, 2nd Count Tamper with Evidence (2 priors)

Michael Hill – Aggravated Assault, 2nd Count Tamper with Evidence (2 priors)

Adriana Garcia – Assault Family Violence (2 priors)

Marcario Molina – Injury to Elderly (2 paragraphs, 2 priors)

Damor Barnes – Possession of Meth

Michael Limon – Possession of Meth (1 prior)

Timothy Cisneros – Assault of a Peace Officer, 2nd Count Assault of a Peace Officer, 3rd Count Retaliation, 4th Count Retaliation (1 prior)

Christianna Garcia – Aggravated Assault, 2nd Count Deadly Conduct

Teddy Guffee – Assault Family Violence

Rocky Flores – Theft Enhanced

Curtis Walker – Evading Arrest

Bobby Fletcher – Possession of Meth

Caneatra Dickerson – Unlawful Possession of Firearm

Mindy McCullough – Assault Family Violence Enhanced

Michael Nations – Possession of Meth, 2nd Count Fraudulent Possession of Identifying Information

Danny Duarte – Injury to a Child (3 paragraphs)

Bobby Slay – Failure to Register as a Sex Offender

Eve Ortega – Theft

Levin Cornelius – Theft

Jason Aguado – Evading Arrest, 2nd Count Theft

Charla Davis – Theft

Daniel King – Injury to Elderly (3 paragraphs)

Dillan Gomez – Unauthorized Absence from Community Correction Facility

Charlie Morris – Theft Enhanced

John Callaway – Possession of Meth, 2nd Count Tamper with Evidence (2 priors)

Virgil Griffey – Possession of Meth

Jessica Burgess-Kyle – Stalking, 2nd Count Online Impersonation

Tierra Watkins – Aggravated Assault

Pengcheng Yu – Solicitation of Prostitution

Christsopher Neff – Online Solicitation of Minor

Alec Garcia – Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child

Danny Morey – Driving While Intoxicated Enhanced

Anthony Makuch-Lott – Driving While Intoxicated (1 prior)

Michael Carbajal – Driving While Intoxicated Enhanced

Eugene Zapata – Driving While Intoxicated Enhanced

Jerry Mann – Driving While Intoxicated Enhanced (2 priors)

Nathan Couger – Possession of Meth

Zachary Owen – Possession of Marijuana

Konrad Deiss – Possession of Lisdexamfetamine

Henry Delarosa – Possession of Meth

Nabor Guajardo Jr – Possession of Meth (2 priors)

Talitha Miller – Possession of THC

Rebecca Moreno – Possession of Meth (2 priors)

Shane Reese – Possession of Meth

Sonia Serbin – Possession of Cocaine

Mauricio Valdez – Possession of Cocaine

Marc Jones – Possession of Cocaine (2 priors)