ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – H-E-B is helping the Abilene Zoo feed one of its newest giraffes. 

“He had been doing super well and thriving,” said Zoo Curator Denise Ibarra. 

Edward the Giraffe was born at the Abilene Zoo in October 2020. 

“And his mother had suddenly passed away,” said Ibarra. 

Edward lost his mother the following January

“We had to concentrate on how he could continue to thrive,” said Ibarra. 

Ibarra said they tried to feed him a powder-based formula. 

“We couldn’t get him to successfully take it, we tried to put him with the other females to see if he would nurse from them because they had also had babies themselves,” said Ibarra. 

But those giraffes did not have enough milk to sustain their babies and Edward, so they tried a goat milk that H-E-B happened to sell. 

“And it worked pretty good, he liked the taste of it,” said Ibarra. 

So when Ricky Cortez, the top store leader, found out, he wanted to help.  

“Let’s see if we can supply baby Edward,” said Cortez. 

The store called the suppliers to see if they could guarantee consistent shipments for baby Edward. 

“Not only were we able to get a ready supply for baby Edward, but we were able to cover the cost for the zoo,” said Cortez. 

Ibarra says Edward drinks about three gallons of milk a day, so H-E-B donating the milk helped take a weight of the zoo’s shoulders from the financial hits of COVID-19. 

“It took off that burden by basically supplying it, delivering it, they’ve been very helpful, H-E-B has been very helpful,” said Ibarra. 

Cortez says it wasn’t even a question if they wanted to help, just a matter of how to get the job done. 

“I feel extremely proud to work for H-E-B,” said Cortez.  

Thanks to H-E-B and the suppliers, baby Edward will have a supply of goat milk until he is old enough to ween off.