CARBON, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Just one year after the Eastland complex fire destroyed her home and all her possessions, Carbon resident Tasha Ritter is facing property damage once again. Not from fire, but ice this time. A Wednesday evening hail storm brought heavy damage to her car and home.

View from Ritter’s porch during the storm

“I was standing outside actually talking to the neighbor and you just heard ping on the porch… And it just started hailing out of nowhere,” Ritter said.

Though this storm was not gone as quickly as it had come on. The roaring downpour thudded against her tin roof for more than 20 minutes. Ritter, all the while, was thinking of the damage that was no doubt happening to her home and car outside.

“You couldn’t hear the TV. All you could hear was the pinging on the roof and it was incredibly loud… I was just standing at the door just praying my car held up and that the windows didn’t’ bust,” Ritter recalled.

Ritter kept a brighter outlook than most might assume in such a situation. After finding her car’s sunroof shattered, windshield totaled, and extensive damage to the exterior of her home, her mind was on those that took the brunt of the storm.

“At least we still have a roof over our head and all our windows are still able to shut… I feel lucky at least this time it can all be fixed…Whereas last year I mean everything was gone,” Ritter explained.

The sudden storm, much like the fire, is not easy to prepare as Ritter explained. She along with her fellow Eastland County residents left to pick up the pieces and press on as they always have, together.

“There’s not much you can really do with hail… So you just kinda have to let it happen and hope for the best… At least it’s still there this time it just needs to be patched up,” said Ritter.