A Big Country murder will be in the national spotlight once again. Hailey Dunn went missing six years ago and her mother Billie Dunn has remained vigilant in finding her killer.

Dunn is back in the Big Country recording a nationally syndicated show called “Crime Watch Daily.”

“I think Hailey’s killer is going to see her face again six years later,” stated Billie Dunn, “and know that we’re not stopping.”

Her lawyer John Young was approached about doing the show and Dunn says she jumped right on board.”

“Hopefully we can get some answers on why there’s not been an arrest and why I don’t have Hailey.”

There still has only been one suspect named in the case, Shawn Adkins. He is the ex boyfriend of Hailey’s mother.

“There are some conflicts in the evidence that has been gathered,” added John Young. “There is some evidence that seem to point certainly circumstantially if not directly at some individual.”

Hailey’s remains still sit in a crime lab waiting for the day a murder charge is announced.