COLORADO CITY, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) — A private investigator working the case of Hailey Dunn, who went missing in 2010 and was found dead in 2013, says suspect Shawn Adkins couldn’t have gotten away with the crime for 10 years “without help.”

In an interview Monday night, private investigator Erica Morse discussed certain details surrounding the murder arrest of Shawn Adkins, who was Hailey’s mother’s boyfriend at the time she went missing.

“About 4:40 this afternoon I received a call from a city official in Big Spring telling me that Shawn Adkins had just been booked into the Howard County Jail on a charge of murder,” Morse said.

After more than a decade of heartbreak and cold trails, friends and family following Hailey Dunn’s 2010 murder are seeing the arrest that many speculated for some time, despite what Morse described as a “particularly frustrating” investigation.

“It should have been law enforcement working in cooperation with the father of a missing child, not against,” Morse said.

Morse touched on the sources of some of her frustrations during the investigation.

“There are a lot of questions that need to be asked in the next few days as to why it took so long for this case to result in an arrest,” Morse said. “Cases like this that seems like a slam dunk the whole time should not take 10 years to solve.”

The investigator says questions need to be asked of law enforcement in Scurry County.

“I would ask you guys to look into his relationships, his friendships, perhaps any familial ties to law enforcement,” Mores said. “And I think you guys need to ask Scurry County why they didn’t move on this case for seven years, and why they took it away from Mitchell County when Mitchell County was ready to prosecute back in 2013 when Hailey was found, and why that case was taken away by a neighboring jurisdiction and sat for seven and a half years.”

Morse says not only will evidence illuminate what happened in the days prior to Hailey’s disappearance, but also the events that took place afterward.

“This isn’t tied to just one piece of evidence, this is a story, this is a narrative that will clearly lay out and define what happened in those days leading up to Hailey’s disappearance and the days after, and probably the subsequent few months,” Morse said.

Although she says there may still be questions that go unanswered.

“There is a lot that I want to say right now there is a lot that I shouldn’t say right now. But you don’t get away with this type of crime for 10 years without help,” Morse said.

To see the full, raw interview, watch the attached video.