Hailey Dunn’s Former Home Demolished


What was once Hailey Dunn’s home will soon be a vacant lot. According to Colorado City’s City manager, David Hoover, Hailey’s mother, Billie Dunn, and her former boyfriend, Shawn Adkins, left the home about three years ago. Since they left, the city took over the home. Hoover says they have tried to maintain the house, but it became a hot spot for squatters. He says drugs continued to make their way in and out of the home, which posed a danger for the community.

“We’ve tried to close it several times, and we’ve gone through it and found drug paraphernalia,” Hoover says. “We just decided it was better for our community if we go ahead and get rid of the house.”

Hoover says the home became such a safety hazard that the city decided not to salvage any of the scrap metal, or allow the public to salvage any of it.

“We were afraid to let any of our people try to salvage any of the metal out of it,” Hoover says. “Because of the prevalence of needles and syringes you never know what you’re going to get.”

Seeing the home being demolished brought back memories of the Hailey Dunn case for Hoover.

“It was really tense days here,” Hoover recalls. “As you know, we’re all protective of our children and grandchildren, s the case may be, and it worried all of us. It still does.”

Hailey Dunn’s father, Clint Dunn reached out to the city to try and save what was once his daughters home.

“Clint came back four or five months ago,” Hoover says. 

He says Clint Dunn was “wondering what it would take to save it, but wasn’t willing to do what it would take.”

Hoover says that the city planned to wait to demolish the home, but they “wanted to wait until they had at least made an arrest,” but the safety of the community needed to be considered.

No other family members have commented on the demolition of the home. No plans are in place for what will become of the plot of land where Hailey Dunn’s home once stood. 

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