ABILENE, Texas (BigCountryHomepage.com) – For the second week in a row, crime news took the lead across BigCountryHomepage.com. Here are the stories that held your attention the most this past week.

This week’s top 5 in BCH’s Big Country Beat weekly countdown

Abilene’s Board of Building Standards voted to demolish the Claystone apartments, located on North Mockingbird Lane. They will also be tearing down the Briarwood Apartments on North 3rd Street. Reporter Noah McKinney outlines a timeline of events leading up to this decision.

Taylor County Sheriff’s Office: (Left to right) Christina Lindsey and Lindsi Wallis

Lindsi Wallis and her mother Christina Lindsey were arrested Thursday, October 5, and booked into the Taylor County Jail on six counts of Cruelty to Animals each in connection to a July 2023 incident.

Court documents state a Taylor County family hired Wallis and Lindsey to take care of two dogs, a cat, and a fish while they were on vacation for a week, and the family came home to a scene for which no pet parent can prepare.

Abilene woman, Alexis Escobar, was accused of severely injuring her passenger during a crash where she was driving with a blood alcohol level nearly 4 times the legal limit in August of 2022. Last Thursday, she received a 6-year probation sentence, a 3-month jail sentence, to pay fines totaling $1,600, and will have an ignition lock on her car.

A homeless Abilene couple say they’ve been kicked out of every place they’ve tried to lie their heads since the Abilene Police Department (APD) has begun its work with property owners to clear out encampments. The men say they have been threatened to be charged with criminal trespassing should they refuse to relocate. Reporter Annabelle Tuggle explains that what they search for, along with many in similar situations, is answers as to where they are allowed to go.

Richard Corbett was arrested last Friday on two counts of Aggregate Theft in connection to his alleged involvement with a group conducting self-checkout scams nationwide.