ABILENE, Texas (BigCountryHomepage.com) – Even when we’re not on air, the news doesn’t stop. What you’ve been clicking on this week ranges from lives lost to rumors of a UFO. In partnership between BigCountryHomepage, KTAB, and KRBC, here is this week’s Big Country Beat.

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28-year-old James Todd was on his lunch break Tuesday afternoon, July 22. He was bringing food to his mom, riding in South Abilene on his electric scooter – just as he’s done time and time again before.

What made the difference is when he was struck by a vehicle. His mother, Aaronlynne Byrd, told BCH that even though 9-1-1 was called, Todd was still left lying on the side of the road as other drivers passed him by.

“He told me about people driving past him and videoing him… He’s got blisters on his arms from burning on the pavement while people videoed him,” Byrd explained.

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When Shawn Adkins was released from jail in June, it shook the entire Big Country. Adkins has remained the prime suspect in the 2010 death of 13-year-old Hailey Dunn. Perhaps nobody was more frightened than the Dunn family.

According to private investigator Erica Morse, the Dunn family was never contacted prior to Adkins’ release. It’s something she called ‘intentional.’

“This is not just about screw ups. This is about intentional retaliation because a group of small town police officers made egregious mistakes when a child disappeared,” said Morse.

Since Adkins’ release, Morse said another Dunn daughter had her 13th birthday this year and is battling PTSD and feelings of unsettledness.

14-year-old Kase Kirkland of Early passed away in a four-wheeler wreck on Sunday, July 16. The news of his passing spread quickly as his family says he was a well-regarded young man who made friends wherever he went.

“My youngest son, Hagen, he calls me and he’s just hysterical. He’s like, ‘mommy, mommy, something happened to Kase. I can hear him screaming and I can’t find him anywhere,’” Jennifer recalled.

No, it wasn’t a bird. Not a plain, either. It wasn’t even Superman. In fact, those odd lights seen from the Big Country last weekend were explained to be two Starlink satellites from Space X.

Space.com describes the SpaceX Starlink satellites as, “a satellite network developed by the private spaceflight company SpaceX to provide low-cost internet to remote locations.”

It is always a gut wrencher to hear the passing of a peace officer. But when it happens in your neck of the woods, it leaves all wondering, “how?”

Eastland County Sheriff’s Office Deputy David Bosecker was the first to arrive at a domestic fight call between Cisco and Rising Star last Friday night. The Sheriff’s Department press release reports that he was immediately shot upon arrival and sustained a fatal wound from the subject on scene.

Cody Pritchard was accused of fatally shooting Deputy Bosecker. He was arraigned Monday without bond.